For over 14 years, Joel Sauer was Chief Executive Officer of a large Midwestern multi-specialty physician group. Through his leadership, the group expanded from a single specialty practice of 15, to over 225 physicians with over 600 employees in nearly every medical specialty.

In 2009, Joel orchestrated the acquisition of his own group by a large health system and then spent the next 12 months acquiring other practices to create an accountable care network. Beyond engineering the transaction details, Joel provided the leadership behind the operational and cultural integration of the merged entities.

Beginning in 2001, Joel led his group's conversion from a paper chart to a full electronic health record. The process began with the implementation of a scanned chart system, and migrated to full point-and-click by the end of his tenure. This conversion took place without significant disruptions to production or cash flow. Given the complexity of the process, both from an operational and cultural standpoint, Joel considers this one of his greatest accomplishments.

Joel headed up two significant site development projects for the group, the most recent in 2004 with the construction of a free-standing 80,000 square-foot office building. This project was owner-driven from site selection to design to construction. Included in this development was the construction of an attached, two operating room, ambulatory surgery center. The second project was a significant expansion and renovation of the group's previous building, some eight years earlier.

Each year, the group would hold a strategic planning retreat with the physician Board of Directors. In advance of the meeting, Joel would analyze the relevant data and present a draft strategic plan to the physicians for consideration. Additionally, he would moderate and guide discussions during the meeting. In every year, the board would unanimously approve a strategic plan to be implemented in the coming year.

Other relevant experiences Joel brings to the table include: joint venture formation, hospital/health system relations, financial analysis, payor contract negotiations, implementing operational efficiencies, and ancillary services creation.

Prior to his tour as CEO, Joel worked for a large hospital, managed an outpatient ancillary services business, and worked for a healthcare software developer in implementation and support.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Journalism, University of Wisconsin – Madison;
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Indiana Wesleyan University