Mike Schatzlein, MD
President & CEO
St Thomas Health Services
"Over the last 15 years I have worked with Joel from both sides of the aisle, first as a private practice administrator and then as my physician practice CEO following the acquisition of his group. In every mutual negotiation and transaction I found him to be of the highest integrity and to fully understand the deal at hand. Joel always sought mutual success for the parties, and would be valuable in nearly any healthcare setting."
Steven Orlow, MD, FACC
Chief Medical Information Officer /
Interventional Cardiologist
Lutheran Hospital of Indiana
"One of the most impressive attributes I find in Joel is his ability to lead group processes to a logical and competent conclusion, even when that process is extremely complex, such as an EMR implementation. EMR implementation, regardless of vendor, is all about change management. Joel is able to identify the individual stakeholder agendas and opinions and leverage them into a common solution. Joel's intimate knowledge of how a group runs, along with his understanding of how to keep a group process from derailing, makes him ideally suited for leading process change."
Robert E Swint, Sr, MD, FACC
Lutheran Medical Group
"Joel was the administrative leader of my group for over 14 years. During that span he led us through countless strategic planning sessions and course changes. His fundamental knowledge of how a group runs, both internally and in the broader market, along with an ability to think two steps ahead of industry trends, makes him extremely valuable for that process. Through his vision and judgment we were able to grow our group to the largest in the region. I would recommend him highly to my colleagues."
Skip Balkenbusch
Chief Executive Officer
Associated Anesthesiologists
of Fort Wayne, PC
"By being decisive and intuitive, Joel Sauer is able to leap to the center of the facts without jumping to conclusions. He then inspires results-oriented action no matter how foggy the path might be."